How long has Disability Management Network been around?

Disability Management Network was founded October 7, 1990 and has been steadily growing since that time. Starting as a Vocational Rehabilitation and Medical Case Management company, TRIUNE Health Group has continued to grow and to expand its services to include Injury Prevention, Employee Wellness and Telephonic Case Management.

Why has the name been changed to TRIUNE Health Group?

With the continuing expansion of services, the name Disability Management Network did not accurately represent the company that we had become. Thus, TRIUNE Health Group was created. Our business has continued to grow and develop to meet the ever changing needs of our customers. Our new name reflects this growth and more clearly defines our comprehensive range of services and capabilities.

Has Disability Management Network been sold?

Disability Management Network has not been sold! Disability Management Network, now TRIUNE Health Group, continues under the same ownership and vision of its founders, Christopher and Mary Anne Yep. With the help of an extremely talented staff, they continue to lead the way to a successful future.

Has Disability Management Network combined with another company?

Disability Management Network has not merged with another company.

What can be expected from TRIUNE Health Group?

TRIUNE Health Group continues to look to the future and anticipates the needs of the workforce. By utilizing our unique approach of considering the total integration of the human person, we will continue to focus on the overall health and wellness of each individual worker. TRIUNE Health Group helps to build stronger companies by building healthier individuals.

How will this affect my current business with Disability Management Network?

TRIUNE Health Group will continue to provide the same excellent and quality services to which customers are accustomed. Customers will now have an even greater number of services available to them.