The TRIUNE Health Group healthcare solutions suite of integrated individual and group health and wellness products, worker's compensation services and programs are designed to empower people with the information, tools and support they need to achieve a fullness of healthy living. Whether people have been injured on their jobs or are looking to achieve better habits and healthy lifestyles, TRIUNE Health Group is a trusted partner. The health management resources and tools in our suite of solutions help people address a wide spectrum of needs.

Targeted and Personalized Health Programs

Our people provide a helping hand throughout the injury and illness process. They utilize resources which range from highly targeted and personalized programs to broad-based health awareness and education tools for those who have health risks, those individuals who are managing chronic conditions or those who are facing important health decisions. Our expertise and range of programs provide a broad selection of solutions tailored to each customer’s needs, developed by representatives who understand their particular market and industry through the following:

  • Workers’ Compensation Services
  • Major Medical Services

Our solutions are simple and easy to understand and evaluate. They are comprehensive and seamless, in order to care for all your employee health needs. Our industry-leading service models are corroborated by quantifiable metrics and evidence-based medical management, with programs that help members maintain optimal health.