Chronic illnesses and disease states generate significant health care costs for any individual and company. These situations are also difficult to handle for any individual who needs a partner to treat them with extra attention and care in order to help manage their return back to health. Our program employs advanced identification technology, assessing the entire population, focus on 20 chronic disease states, and employ targeted nurse counseling and support. TRIUNE Health Group provides the right support to your employees based on their level of risk, collaborating with members, their physicians and families.

Continuum of Care

The TRIUNE Health Group program, through its advanced technology, is better able to detect emergent disease states at the point they manifest at the clinical threshold.  This permits the clearest identification of “at risk” participants whether they are employees or dependents.  It also permits very early and targeted intervention utilizing the most effective techniques available today resulting in significantly lower costs. Our program design takes advantage of the entire continuum of care, providing a wider range of intervention options in an integrated and comprehensive solution.

Effective and Personal Approach

Our unique approach is effective and personal, providing the best cost and care outcomes through:

  • Timely identification--a daily data-driven pursuit finds members with chronic conditions through our integrated systems platform
  • Simplified processes--a single nurse case manager supports every high-risk member
  • Flexibility--employers can choose from varying levels of multiple interventions that meet their needs
  • Expertise--dedicated and experienced individuals who build and coordinate the optimum return to health process.