Helping Executives give their peak performance by building habits of peak health and wellness in all the facets of their lives.

Why Executive Coaching?

FACT:                   Corporate cultures are established by corporate leaders.
FACT:                   Healthy employees and cultures produce results much more effectively than unhealthy ones.
CONCLUSION:  Healthy corporate leaders will establish health focused corporate cultures.

Treating the Whole Person:

The Human Person is comprised of body, mind, AND spirit. Our Executive Health Coaching Program integrates the personal, interpersonal, physical (wellness) and spiritual aspects of each executive human person. TRIUNE Health Group is different.  The development of virtues and virtuous living is the best way to achieve balance and success.  Life doesn’t just happen, one has to have A Strategic Plan for Life ©.

Strategically Designed For Executive Success

TRIUNE Health Group’s Executive Health Program offers busy executives an efficient, cost-effective way to manage their health and reduce medical absences.

Providing the support, structure and coaching to take what is learned here:

  • A comprehensive medical history review and physical exam by an internal medicine specialist and referrals to subspecialists, as necessary
  • A full range of preventive screening tests
  • A cardiovascular (heart) fitness evaluation
  • A review and update of medications and immunizations
  • A lifestyle assessment
  • A full report of your test results

…to build the necessary life changing habits of health and wellness in all the areas of your life.

Our program is a confidential, proven executive wellness and lifestyle model. Executives are paired with a dedicated health coach and together they work to create a program, set goals and achieve success. Experienced coaches provide focus for executives on their goals and achieving them. They help increase stamina and motivate executives to build healthier lifestyle and as a result, executives feel reenergized, rejuvenated and renewed, and are able to achieve better life balance.

By providing the tools to transform unhealthy behaviors into healthy habits, TRIUNE Health Group’s Executive Health Coaching program helps ensure that your high-performing executives remain that way.

Our Executive Health Coaching program has a uniquely flexible and easy-to-use design that executives can access at their convenience—no matter where they travel, no matter how busy their schedules - through a combination of online sessions, telephone discussions and in-person meetings.

Your executives benefit from a results-oriented coaching model that adapts to meet each executive’s interests and learning style. Executives not only learn what they need to do but, more importantly, how to do it in order to sustain their new, healthy lifestyles.

The Coaching Experience

Program combines innovative coaching model with unlimited access. Consultations, screenings, and program goals are easily tailored to the executive's personal needs and corporate considerations. Our program combines innovative coaching model with unlimited access, focus on goal-setting, implementation and follow-through, building on research and experience from behavior modification.

The coach designs a personalized program with specific activities to reach the goal. The coach works with the employee to reach the primary goal first, and then proceeds to other goals.

When each executive renews his or her own commitment to personal wellness and healthy lifestyles, the Rewards for Health extend to family, friends, coworkers and employees.