TRIUNE Health Group provides early assessment and on-going case management of employees eligible for compensation benefits due to an injury or illness absence.  The case management process is initiated as soon as the absence claim or lost time claim is reported to TRIUNE Health Group and continues until the client has resumed his or her own occupation, a permanent accommodated position, or transitions to a long term disability plan.

Absence Management Program

Our absence management program is customized to reflect the needs and expectations of your company. We utilize nationally published (Medical Disability Advisor) guidelines that provide objective return-to-work criteria.  We may also recommend the use of a medical consultant and will coordinate a second medical opinion, as needed, to assist in the achievement of return-to-work goals.  When appropriate, TRIUNE Health Group's unique approach to absence management also includes a consultation with a behaviorial health professional  

Our TRIUNE Health Group telephonic case manager also coordinates the employee’s return to work. The disability/absence case manager works with the employee, the immediate supervisor at the employer site, and the treating physician to develop and implement a comprehensive Return-to-Work Plan. The TRIUNE Health Group nurse case managers are experienced in achieving timely return-to-work releases as soon as clinically indicated.  An on-site, employer-based Telephonic Case Management model can also be implemented in place of our Telephonic Case Management Call Center located in Oak Brook, Illinois.

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    • Short & Long Term Disability Guidelines
    • Customized Return to Work Programs
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