Regional Solutions 

Working with a company that knows your market with all its nuances and often location specific laws and regulations  is always the best solution. Thats why, here at TRIUNE Health Group, we have built many of our Worker's Compensation and Healthcare services with a focus on the State specific regulations and legal environments. Whether you need an expert Nurse Case Manager or Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor, our teams provide not only the reputation for excellence but the trusted expertise to help you and your clients navigate these Midwestern states.

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National Solutions

When looking for stress free and effective solutions for your worker's compensation and major medical needs, most people want to work with the interpersonal dedication and attention most often associated with a medium sized enterprise combined with the professionalism and resources of a large corporation. Thats why so many companies turn to TRIUNE Health Group to work with them on a national scale. Whether a company needs the cost savings and proactive approach to managing the disease and lifestyle states of their employee population or whether you are looking for a telephonic case management program, our solutions at TRIUNE Health Group have and continue to prove strong cost savings in an economic environment where every dollar is important.

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