Featured Testimonial of the Month:

I have utilized Disability Management (TRIUNE Health Group) for the past three years and feel they are an excellent choice for medical management and vocational placement. Their case managers are knowledgeable, know the medical community and are known within that community, are efficient in communication to you in the method of your choice, and aren't hesitant to offer suggestions or alternative methods to assist you in reaching your goals. They go beyond the call of duty. I have utilized their vocational placement services and have been very successful with placement.

Senior Territory Representative

I am always satisfied with Disability Management’s (TRIUNE Health Group's) prompt response to my needs. The nurse case managers provide quick response to my noted concerns and provide prompt updates following appointments. The nurses provide good feedback and insight to medical issues, along with consistent follow-up contact with injured workers.

Claims Representative

Working with DMN (TRIUNE Health Group), getting a case nurse assigned is simple and quick. A case nurse manager is usually assigned within 24 hours of the file referral. Their customer service is incredible. We have the ability to get updates from the nurses in a timely and descriptive manner. It is very easy to get in contact with the assigned nurse and when a message is left, the call is returned promptly. DMN (TRIUNE Health Group) has a wide range of languages covered by the nurses.

Claims Representatives

Peter’s Story

In 1984, I had an automobile accident that rendered me a paraplegic. I was 24 years old and realized I still had my whole life in front of me. The thought of returning to work seemed natural. Over the next ten years, I worked successfully, got married, and had the life I pretty much hoped for. Then in late 1994, my wife took off with one of my friends and suddenly I was alone. I no longer had responsibility for other people’s lives. My father had also passed away, so there was nothing to keep me in Illinois. I decided to sell my house, quit the best job I ever had, and return to my home state of Connecticut. The whole time I was thinking to myself, “this is either the boldest or dumbest thing I’ve ever done in my life.” I was still young and didn’t realize I had lots of dumb things left to do in my life.

Anyway, I couldn’t get the type of job I wanted or was accustomed to. I used up what money I had and finally had to file with SSA again. Meanwhile, I was really feeling sorry for myself. So, I decided to just sit back and coast for a while. I knew in my heart that it probably wouldn’t last long because basically I’d get too bored. Well, with all that time on my hands, I ended up getting into some trouble and needed a place to live. The only choice I had was an old friend with a disability who had said he’d put me up if I ever needed a place to stay. He lived back in Illinois. So here I was back in the state I thought I’d never return to.

While living at my friend’s house, I received a letter from a company called Disability Management Network (TRIUNE Health Group) stating something about being able to help me find a job. Well, I thought, “I’m not ready to go back to work yet, but maybe I should hang on to this card.”

About a year passed and by now I was getting sick of living under somebody else’s roof. I dug through my briefcase, and sure enough there was the postcard. I filled it out and sent it in. Soon I received a call from DMN (TRIUNE Health Group), and we set up an appointment. I wasn’t sure what they would do for me, and I was still a little angry at the world and wasn’t too motivated.

Well, what they did surprised me. I was still lazy and unmotivated, so these guys helped me put a resume together, searched the newspapers for jobs relative to my skills, and sent me cover letters, envelopes, and resumes. All I had to do was read ‘em, sign ‘em, and mail ‘em. I would have never gone to the extent they did for me. I had been on the Board for the RAMP Center for Independent Living, and sure enough, one of the jobs they sent me was at RAMP. I thought to myself, “that’s something I think I’d like to do.” So we did the letter and resume thing, and sure enough I got the job.

It’s now been ten months and I’m very grateful to DMN (TRIUNE Health Group) for motivating me, working with me, and getting me back on my feet.