TRIUNE Health Group grows by integrating MMI
TRIUNE expands its coverage in Illinois

[LOMBARD, IL, November 21, 2019]
TRIUNE Health Group and Medical Management Innovations, Inc. (MMI) are excited to announce the integration of their two privately owned Managed Care companies, effective immediately.

MMI was founded by Sue Baxter-Pflederer and her husband Rich in 1997 and has provided case management services to the workers compensation industry for over 20 years.  MMI owner, Sue stated, “We have chosen to work in other ventures however wanted to continue our legacy with a like-minded, quality and mission driven company. TRIUNE was not only willing and able to take on the additional case managers, increasing their coverage of the state of Illinois, they welcomed our nurses with open arms. I trust they will feel right at home at TRIUNE.”

As of November 13, 2019, the Medical Case Managers of MMI transitioned to work alongside TRIUNE Case Managers in the constant effort to expand and provide exceptional services in Illinois. Chief Executive Officer James Yep stated, “Our commitment to excellence in the managed health care field is defined by our culture and having met the MMI case managers, I have full confidence we will continue to deliver the exceptional results MMI and TRIUNE’s customers expect.”
In 2020, TRIUNE Health Group will celebrate 30 years of providing industry-leading service and solutions to employee health care management.
TRIUNE Health Group is an industry expert in Health Care Management. Our staff works diligently to reduce the number of injuries, improve Health and Wellness, and lower the costs for Healthcare and Workers' Compensation. We help people recover more quickly from injuries and illness and restore their ability to return to work. We find people jobs. TRIUNE Health Group is a mission-driven company whose success comes from improving the lives and business of each person with whom we work.  We are People Helping People.   If you would like more information about this topic, please call David Yep at 630-586-9440 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

TRIUNE Health Group Announces New Leadership for Today and the Future!

TRIUNE Health Group, a family owned business, is excited to announce the successful transition to the next generation of family leadership. After 28 years of building TRIUNE into a leader in managed care services for the workers’ compensation market, founders Christopher and Mary Anne Yep have turned the future over to their sons, James Yep and David Yep.

James Yep, TRIUNE's new President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), brings over 20 years of industry experience, most recently as TRIUNE’s Chief Operating Officer (COO). James states “We are uniquely positioned to accelerate our growth by continuing to build on our strong family values and corporate culture of “People Helping People”, and provide innovative solutions to meet our customer’s goals today and in the future.”

David Yep, as Vice President and Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) of TRIUNE Health Group, brings a wealth of experience helping individuals and organizations build stronger value added relationships both domestically and globally. David was awarded a Masters Degree in Business from the Acton School of Business in Austin, Texas and has specialized in growth strategies and execution, most recently for an international manufacturing company. David is “excited to be able to have the opportunity to build on our parent’s reputation and accomplishments to deliver new energy and ideas to all of our stakeholders: our customers’ employees, the managed care market place and our communities.”

Over the last 28 years, TRIUNE Health Group has grown into a regional powerhouse through its ‘People Focused’ culture. Company motto, “People Helping People” has embodied excellence of care, and treating each individual with dignity and respect. TRIUNE thanks the customers and employees who place their trust in them, allowing them to serve, and commits to continuing the vision of quality and excellence!



Chicago, IL, USA - June 15, 2017: Chicago Minority Supplier Development Council, Inc. (ChicagoMSDC) has announced that TRIUNE Health Group is now officially a certified (Minority Business Enterprise), MBE. Gena Perez, the Certification Specialist at the council confirmed this certification and congratulated the owners and co-founders, President and CEO Mr. Christopher J. Yep and Vice President Mary Anne Yep on being awarded this recognition.

“We are grateful to the National Minority Supplier Development Council [NMSDC] for awarding us with this Minority Business Enterprise [MBE] Certification.” Said Mr. Christopher J. Yep, the CEO and President of TRIUNE Health Group. “It is indeed a great achievement for us and a reward for the services of our team for the past two decades.” He added, “We live in a great country, one that offers so many opportunities to all who are willing to work and serve others. Our Mission of People Helping People, is what we strive to do in each of our daily interactions.”

TRIUNE Health Group began its journey of helping people in 1990 as Disability Management Network. Since then, the company has built itself with a vision of being a network of professionals, working together to meet customer needs. In addition, the group has also received several recognitions including an award from Crain's Chicago Business Magazine recently. The feedback received by TRIUNE Health Group from its clients and patients has been phenomenal.

Several injured workers have shared inspiring stories as testimonials that are available on TRIUNE’s website. From short term disability to greater challenges, the group has helped an overwhelming number of injured workers at both regional and national levels. Moreover, the company offers a wide range of services to its clients including medical case management, vocational rehabilitation, utilization review and early intervention.

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Crain's Chicago Business names TRIUNE the 12th best place to work in greater Chicagoland.

"We work with many individuals who are trying to balance home, family and extracurricular interests."

Oak Brook, Illinois (PRWEB) June 05, 2012 -- TRIUNE Health Group was named the 12th of 20 businesses (an increase of 8 spots from the 20th place when the award was last pursued in 2010) of the Best Places to Work in the greater Chicagoland area by Crain’s Chicago Business, the city’s premier Business publication. With over 12,000 business professionals from over 150 different companies surveyed, TRIUNE proudly placed above renowned businesses such as Plante & Moran PLLC and BDO USA LLP. “Whenever we are given recognition,” says Christopher Yep, founder, president and CEO of the family-run business, “our first thoughts are of gratitude to all of our supporters-customers, colleagues, employees (since they voted us in) and so many countless others.”

TRIUNE places an emphasis on employee wellness and promotes work-life balance, especially through its efforts to provide its staff with the latest time-saving technology. “We work with many individuals who are trying to balance home, family and extracurricular interests,” Chris explains. Understanding employees and customizing programs to meet their needs at different life and career stages may be the key characteristic of all the Best Places to Work. Listening and paying close attention to what employees need is unique to TRIUNE’s emphasis on respect for the individual and a good work-life balance. Early this year, TRIUNE hired a software developer to work full time creating customized applications, such as the software the staff uses to manage case files. In order to provide the best service, TRIUNE also provides its caseworkers with smartphones and laptops and is field-testing the use of iPads.

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TRIUNE Health Group receives prestigious award from Crain's Chicago Business Magazine

“Women have so much to give and we are grateful for all our employees and customers who create a culture that appreciates and supports those gifts.”

Oak Brook, Illinois (PRWEB) June 05, 2012 -- In the inaugural year of the award, TRIUNE Health Group received the title of the Best Place to Work for Women in the greater Chicagoland area by Crain’s Chicago Business, the city’s premier Business publication. With over 12,000 business professionals from over 150 different companies surveyed (35 of which met the qualifications), TRIUNE was awarded 1st place out of the 10 businesses who received recognition. “Respecting and fostering the feminine genius makes both business and common sense,” says Mary Anne Yep, co-founder, Vice President and Chief Personnel Officer. She continues, “Women have so much to give and we are grateful for all our employees and customers who create a culture that appreciates and supports those gifts.”

The founders of TRIUNE, husband-and-wife team Christopher and Mary Anne Yep sought to create a family-friendly business with a focus on the individual needs and goals of each employee. As Mary Anne explains, one of the core principles of the company is that “the company exists for the benefit of our people, not the other way around.”

The respect of the various lifestyles and career stages of the different employees and the emphasis on fostering work-life balance is reflected in the flexible approach that the management takes with each employee’s needs. The 95 percent employee retention rate may be due to the opportunities employees have to work out of their homes, and the flex-time, part-time, and telecommuting options offered to them.

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Winning 20th Place on Crain’s Chicago Business – “Best Places to Work” List

When Crain’s Chicago Business created a list of the “Best Places to Work” in Chicago three years ago, it joined a whole group of other prestigious Crain’s lists famous throughout the Midwest for compiling data on businesses that spanned from the largest privately held corporations, to the fifty that boasted fastest growth. In the first two years, Crain’s vetted and then published a list of the top 20 “Best Places to Work” in the Chicago metropolitan area. The requirements for consideration were constructed to allow only companies above a certain size to qualify. In this, the third year of competition, realizing that the backbone of both the American and Midwestern economies were in the Small and Medium Sized Enterprises category, the requirements for qualification were adjusted.

TRIUNE Health Group was now eligible to compete for the recognition of being one of the top 20 “Best Places to Work” in Chicagoland, so we notified Crain’s and their independent third party out of New York, Buck Consultants, of our intent. Buck Consultants employed rigorous controls to ensure that all information was kept in the strictest of confidence and reported in a way which protected the confidentiality of each participating organization.

Round 1: On October 19, 2009, the Employer Survey was released to all the participating companies in the Chicagoland area. Numerous corporations and businesses began the application process, of which, one hundred and fifty leading Chicagoland companies survived this round. According to one of the organizers, the 2010 Crain’s Chicago Business – “Best Places to Work” contest would prove to be the most intensely fought battle that Crain’s has ever seen. The Employer Survey focused on pay and promotion practices, health care and other benefits, hiring practices, and corporate culture. Approximately one month later, the employer portion of the survey was closed.

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TRIUNE Health Group Named One of Chicago's Best Places to Work 

For Immediate Release 21 April 2010
Contact: Thomas Yep 630.522.8904

TRIUNE Health Group was named one of the Best Places to Work in the greater Chicagoland area by Crain’s Chicago Business, the city’s premier Business publication. With over 30,000 business professionals from over 250 different companies surveyed, being named to this prestigious list is exactly that. “First and foremost we would like to thank our customers” Chris Yep, founder, president and CEO said, “without them, we would not have an award to talk about.”

Happy employees mean happy customers. Once a month, Triune employees attend a staff meeting. It's an expensive proposition, given that its employees in the field bill by the hour and work as far away as Washington, D.C. "We feel it's essential that people hear directly from us what we're trying to accomplish and that we hear back from them what are the barriers to success, what's on their wish list," says Chris Yep, founder, president and CEO of the family-run business that provides rehabilitation services and wellness programs for insurance companies and small and large employers.

Understanding employees and customizing programs to meet their needs at different life and career stages may be the key characteristic of all the Best Places to Work. Hearing what employees need is part of Triune's emphasis on respect and a good work-life balance. In order to provide the best service, TRIUNE Health Group also provides employees in the field with a BlackBerry, air card, laptop and printer. "We're given a lot of encouragement and support," says Nancy Galloway, a nurse case manager who knows employees at rival companies who catch up on e-mail at home at night because they don't have similar technical support.

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Disability Management Network is Now Triune Health Group 

Disability Management Network has been renamed Triune Health Group as of October 7, 2007 in order to encompass the companies complete range of services and capabilities.

Rockford, Illinois (PRWEB) November 5, 2007 -- Triune Health Group, developed by Disability Management Network (DMN), has made its' official debut on October 7, 2007. The company owners, Christopher and Mary Anne Yep are proud to announce this significant event in the history of the company.

Seventeen years ago, on October 7, 1990, the Disability Management Group was formed. From small beginnings, the organization has grown with its customers help into an organization that now serves over ten thousand individuals each year.

DMN began as a Vocational Rehabilitation and Medical Case Management company. Built on a foundation of excellence, and based on a balanced commitment to 'Service, Quality, and Results', it has grown steadily over the years. The DMN logo, with its three interlocking circles has always been a symbol of this balanced commitment. It has also included at its very core a respect for the dignity of life of each individual; an understanding that has led to great results and exciting growth in serving the DMN customer base.

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