Crain's Chicago Business names TRIUNE the 12th best place to work in greater Chicagoland.

"We work with many individuals who are trying to balance home, family and extracurricular interests."

Oak Brook, Illinois (PRWEB) June 05, 2012 -- TRIUNE Health Group was named the 12th of 20 businesses (an increase of 8 spots from the 20th place when the award was last pursued in 2010) of the Best Places to Work in the greater Chicagoland area by Crain’s Chicago Business, the city’s premier Business publication. With over 12,000 business professionals from over 150 different companies surveyed, TRIUNE proudly placed above renowned businesses such as Plante & Moran PLLC and BDO USA LLP. “Whenever we are given recognition,” says Christopher Yep, founder, president and CEO of the family-run business, “our first thoughts are of gratitude to all of our supporters-customers, colleagues, employees (since they voted us in) and so many countless others.”

TRIUNE places an emphasis on employee wellness and promotes work-life balance, especially through its efforts to provide its staff with the latest time-saving technology. “We work with many individuals who are trying to balance home, family and extracurricular interests,” Chris explains. Understanding employees and customizing programs to meet their needs at different life and career stages may be the key characteristic of all the Best Places to Work. Listening and paying close attention to what employees need is unique to TRIUNE’s emphasis on respect for the individual and a good work-life balance. Early this year, TRIUNE hired a software developer to work full time creating customized applications, such as the software the staff uses to manage case files. In order to provide the best service, TRIUNE also provides its caseworkers with smartphones and laptops and is field-testing the use of iPads.

TRIUNE promotes the wellness of each individual they deal with, whether it be employees or clients. “It’s all geared toward the idea of respecting the individual,” says Chris. One way TRIUNE accomplishes this is that it gives pedometers to employees and offers incentives to motivate people to exercise, starting with simply walking more. Recently, TRIUNE pledged a penny per recorded step on the pedometer, up to $2000, to cover the costs of employees doing volunteer humanitarian work in Haiti and Belize. Giving back to one’s community fosters mental and psychological well-being, which is why Chris and his wife Mary Anne have always worked to build an internal culture of givers-people who see the needs of their local communities and take action to serve them.

The core principles of a business should define the way it does business, its dealings with people, the programs it’s using. At TRIUNE Health Group, the respect for the individual through an emphasis on employee wellness and the promotion of work-life balance is what moves the individuals to consider it one of the best places to work. Also, such recognition is an invitation to embody these principles and serve the individuals in a greater way in the years to come.

Details on the Best Places to Work Award:

Who was eligible? Any business with more than 50 employees as of Sept. 30 in Cook, DuPage, Kane, Lake, McHenry and Will counties. More than 150 applied. In past years, a firm needed 100 employees to apply. Dropping the threshold allowed wider participation. "Larger companies tended to score better on the employer survey because they have more resources and are able to offer more employee programs," says Don Strickland, leader of Buck Consultants LLC's employee listening practice. "Smaller companies tended to score better on the employee survey because they provide a more inviting everyday work environment. By using both surveys, each size has a relatively equal opportunity to compete."

What criteria were used? Buck Consultants, a New York-based employee and human resources consulting firm, developed two surveys, one for the company and another for its employees. In total, 100 companies completed both rounds. More than 12,000 employees took the survey. The employer portion focused on quantitative issues about pay, promotions, health care and other benefits, hiring practices and more. The employee engagement portion dealt with fairness of pay, vacation time, relationships with management and co-workers, career development and other day-to-day workplace issues.

What is engagement? Employee engagement is an indicator of the degree to which employees feel involved and committed to their work. As the survey results show, key factors in engagement include open and transparent management, clear communication of company goals and obvious paths to promotion.

How was it scored? The two surveys had a possible combined score of 1,000 points, with 600 derived from the employee survey.

Information supplied by Crain’s Chicago Business: