Everyone wants to operate at their peak performance. When you give everything you are capable of giving, you feel a certain degree of satisfaction and accomplishment. Whether that includes running a marathon, losing a couple extra calories, walking up the stairs at work without losing your breath, all of us know the joy of accomplishing goals-no matter their size or degree.

TRIUNE Health Group's Peak Performance newsletter is built on the simple concept that the accomplishment of all our goals comes from creating the right foundation from which each of us can then march forward. Goals are achieved and reached when the individual seeking to do so is empowered with the right tools. Whether that entails perseverance, courage, or even humor, virtues are good habits that put our values to work and leave us happier. Aristotle once said that "a virtuous person does the right thing at the right time." And so TRIUNE Health Group presents Peak Performance to help each of us professionally and personally to achieve those goals.  

March 2013

...Spring's entry calls our attention to so many things: the longer days, warmer temperatures, the first birds chirping, the first flowers blooming etc.  So much to be attentive to...Peak Performance March 2013