Second Time is the Charm

Amanda Ortman in the Vocational Department at TRIUNE Health Group is completing her work on the case of a 38 year old propane delivery driver who sustained a low back injury.  The file was referred for job placement when it was determined that the medium duty release obtained from the treating physician was not sufficient to allow for a RTW with the employer of record since the job was classified as very heavy.  The file was referred roughly 17 months post the date of injury.  The Injured Worker (IW) did not require surgery and had a diagnosis of Degenerative Disc Disease.  Pain was the primary limiting factor.

There were significant compliance issues with the IW initially with him missing meetings, not following up on leads and other tasks, failing to call Amanda as requested, etc.  Despite this, Amanda felt that the IW wanted assistance and wanted to RTW. Amanda prepared a Rehabilitation Plan together with the IW.  Amanda also provided the IW with Job Seeking Skills Training, prepared a resume for him, set up an e-mail account to be used specifically for job search activities which she would have access to and engaged in job development activities on his behalf.  The W had previous work experience in such areas as forklift operations, truck mechanic, warehouse operations and as a farm hand.

The IW obtained a job as a trailer mechanic paying $15.00 per hour (pre-injury wages were based on an hourly rate of roughly $18.00 per hour), but he was laid off for lack of work about a month after starting the job.  Amanda was asked to resume placement activities and within three weeks of additional placement assistance the IW secured employment as a truck technician/mechanic with a rate of pay of $19.00 per hour. The IW obtained 2 positions within a 6 month period of time in the Joliet area.

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