Avoid an odd lot total and permanent settlement!

Liala Slaise, just one of our many talented Vocational Counselors that is located in Southern Illinois, closed a case that resulted in a Placement outcome.

The Injured Worker (IW) was a 52-year-old Physical Education Teacher who had sustained a back injury. She had been released to RTW at the light to medium level with the need to alternate her sitting/standing/walking every 15-30 minutes. Her treating physician had noted that she was not capable of working.  She was referred for a Vocational Assessment 9 years post-injury in 2014.

The Assessment was completed and concluded that there were vocational options for her. Liala testified to this opinion and the file was subsequently closed.

The file was re-opened in 4/2015 after the IW's attorney obtained a vocational opinion from an academic who believed that there was no stable labor market for the IW to return to. The Arbitrator agreed with Liala's position and the IME physician who felt that work was, in fact, possible and ordered that Placement services be provided for the IW which only totaled 8 weeks

The IW was frustrated, as she had been looking for work, but was not getting a response from potential employers. Liala provided Job Seeking Skills Training and pointed out that her resume, cover letters, and her presentation and interviewing style, were likely the cause of the disinterest from potential employers. Her resume and cover letters were revised and the other issues were addressed. The IW obtained a non-tenured instructor position at a local college. Total cost on the file was just over $10,000. The total time the file was open was roughly 4 ½ months counting both periods of time the file was active.

The IW's attorney advised that he felt that the job was just "luck" given that she had already been looking for work and had just not been successful up to that point. There was no luck involved. Liala identified the issues and resolved them. As a result, the Odd Lot Total and Permanent went away.


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