TRIUNE Health Group was founded as a Vocational Rehabilitation Company. Our roots exist in providing vocational services to injured workers on behalf of insurance carriers, Third Party Administrators, employers, attorney's and the Federal Government. We have one of the largest staffs of Vocational Professionals available. Our staff has extensive experience in Vocational Rehabilitation and has testified in a variety of judicial settings.

At TRIUNE Health Group, we believe in the value of work from not only an economic perspective, but also with regard to the value having a job brings to a person’s identity and sense of worth.

Creative and Professional Services 

We pride ourselves on the value we place on people and on their desire to be productive members of their communities and to that end, we work very hard to assist those people that wish to work with that opportunity. Over the past several years, we have achieved nearly a 70% job placement rate. These results speak to our dedication to provide creative and professional services to the people that we serve.

Returning Individuals to a Productive Lifestyle

The staff at TRIUNE Health Group has been described as the best in the industry. We have earned a reputation for not only returning individuals to a productive lifestyle but also securing the best outcomes possible.

The Vocational Department at TRIUNE Health Group provides services including: Vocational Assessments, Job Placement, Labor Market Surveys/Employer Sampling, Transferable Skills Analysis, Job Analysis (written and DVD), Ergonomic Assessments, Vocational Impact Projections (VIP) and Expert Testimony.

Spanish and Polish Vocational Consultants are on staff to assist you as well.

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