Catastrophic Case Management

Our TRIUNE Health Group nurses are some of the most experienced nurses in the industry.

Injuries can happen at anytime and can be minor or can have a life-changing impact on one's situation. Catastrophic injures are those that are more severe and complex as they usually require immediate attention and could result in the need for a long term plan and care.

These injuries require an experienced and knowledgeable case manager that is able to not only coordinate quality care and support, but also one that can develop a plan together with all providers and make sure it is followed.

Many companies claim to give their nurses the time and support to work these files, but here at TRIUNE Health Group, we really do. Our nurses are some of the most experienced nurses in the industry as well as having work loads that they set, so that they can provide the time and attention needed to care for the claimant.

When someone you care about is injured, you want someone that you can trust to care for them, and have that confidence of achieving the best possible outcome.

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