Nurse Triage

Immediate Medical Guidance, Long-Term Savings: Discover TRIUNE's 24/7 Nurse Triage

When a workplace injury occurs, the clock starts ticking. Delays or missteps can escalate minor injuries/incidents into claims. TRIUNE's 24/7 Nurse Triage service is your real-time solution for immediate, expert medical guidance.

Our service is not just a reporting hotline; it's a strategic tool. Our specialized nurses rapidly assess the nature and severity of the injury, directing your employees to the most appropriate level of care, right from the start.

Benefits of 24/7 Nurse Triage:

  • Cost Management: Proper initial care minimizes unwarranted medical visits, reducing medical and claim costs.
  • Reduced Absenteeism: Appropriate treatment guidance ensures faster recovery, helping your employees stay at work or return to work sooner.
  • Communication: Real-time updates ensure that HR and Workers’ Compensation teams are in the loop, facilitating quicker, more informed decisions and reducing lag time.

What Sets TRIUNE Apart?

  • Compassion: Our proactive post-call follow-up ensures your employees feel cared for and have the answers and guidance they need, offering supplementary self-care tips and optional re-triage when required.
  • Customization: Our service is designed to adapt to your specific industry and company needs, ensuring a tailored experience that yields the best return on investment.

ROI-Driven, Data-Backed Results

Our program isn't just about managing the immediate situation. It's about long-term benefits. Our data-driven metrics allow us to demonstrate a tangible return on investment, making it easier for you to assess program performance.

Contact us for a complimentary, no-obligation ROI Analysis Report to determine if our 24/7 Nurse Triage Service is the right choice for your company.

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